Hotel & Accommodation Facilities

Bed and Breakfast Lodging

Bed and breakfast is a term used for lodges that offer budget accommodation. Such a place offers overnight stay and breakfast to the guests. There are both family run and professional bed and breakfast lodges. The rooms are equipped with modern facilities to make the stay of guests comfortable and pleasant.


These places are slightly larger and commercial ventures. The rooms are air conditioned and equipped with all facilities needed by people who want to stay temporarily for one or many days. Some large five star hotels also use the term inn in their name. Budget travellers looking for cheaper accommodation should first check the charges before booking rooms in gloucester hotels.

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There are small as well as very large hotels. These commercial hospitality centres offer room accommodation as well as other facilities. Many hotels have restaurant, bar, swimming pool, gym and other facilities. However, some hotels, even the ones that are large and expensive, do not have such facilities. It is important to check these details of a hotel before booking the rooms.

Free and Secure Parking

Most small and large lodges providing accommodation to guests offer free and secure parking facility. Guests can park their cars in the designated parking area. Their vehicles are protected and remain secure during their stay.


A bed and breakfast lodge may offer only breakfast service. At some inns and hotels, visitors have to visit a restaurant for their daily meals. Most large hotels include daily meal facility with the room service. They also have restaurant on their premises.

TV, Communication and Multimedia

These facilities are generally not available at inexpensive lodges that offer overnight stay only. They may offer phone cards for making calls. Lodges that charge higher provide all such facilities. There are no extra charges for the satellite TV but multimedia systems may be available only on request and after paying extra charges. Fast Internet service through wi-fi is now standard in most mid to high level hotels.


Guests have to pay extra for the transportation service. Most hotels have contacts with taxi operators so they can quickly arrange taxis for airport transfers and for visiting other places nearby. Guests are free to book taxi on their own.


Cheaper lodges offer only CCTV camera security. Such places do not have guards. On the other hand, inns and hotels that have a large establishment offer complete security arrangements. They have security guards as well as security systems like CCTV cameras.